Trade body highlights technical guidance on oxygen to support the Covid-19 situation in India

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has shared details of its online assets, which provide information on the safe and effective handling of oxygen, to the UK government to cascade to Indian authorities.

The association's online ‘Medical Gases' library provides a comprehensive resource, detailing the safe use of oxygen in a variety of circumstances.

Documents include Code of Practice 36, which includes information on the safe storage of bulk liquid oxygen.
Ellen Daniels, CEO of the British Compressed Gases Association, said: "A major element of the BCGA's work is to produce publications to ensure safety in use, and in transportation of, compressed gases.
"We draw on a bank of expertise both in BCGA membership and other industry specialists to create the information, and we hope it might help the Indian authorities.

"As well as focusing on safety, the guidance can help ensure that oxygen is relayed as effectively as possible to patients"

The online area can be found at;

The BCGA represents companies and individuals involved in the manufacture, mixing, handling, sales, distribution, storage and transportation of compressed gases and equipment, as well as designers, consultants, academics and training providers.

It has more than 100 members across the UK.

In recent days, BCGA has been in contact with the UK Government to establish the requirements in India.
Ellen Daniels added: "We are constantly looking at how we can offer support.
"Individual BCGA member companies are co-ordinating an international response.
"We have also issued a list of the products that are required directly to our members."


28 April 2021



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