EIGA Safety Information 38/20 – Abuse of nitrous oxide for recreational inhalation

The abuse of nitrous oxide (N2O - also known as laughing gas) which is an intoxicating substance, especially among young people, is on the rise and young people use this drug while going out.
Laughing gas gives a temporary intoxication almost immediately after inhalation that lasts for a few minutes. It can also cause an oxygen deficiency that can cause dizziness, concentration problems and hallucinations. Physical effects include fainting, vomiting and headache. Even infertility is possible and spontaneous abortions or birth defects can occur in pregnant women. In addition, an overdose of laughing gas in combination with too little oxygen can cause brain damage or even death. In general, the more one takes, the more one can suffer from unwanted effects.

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10 February 2020


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