EIGA Winter Seminar 2020

Registration for
• the EIGA Seminar on Lessons Learned in Production and Filling Plants on 29 and 30 January, and
• the EIGA Training Course on Root Cause Analysis on 28 January
is now open.
The Seminar and Training Course are open to all, although the number of participants to the Training Course is restricted.

The Seminar on Lessons Learned in Production and Filling Plants will:
• Address lessons learned from significant industry incidents
• Provide insight to key safeguards in today's design and operation
• Cover technical, organisational and human factors
• Share best practices around "lessons learned"
• Explore the benefits and risks of new technologies to improve safety
• Help keep corporate memory alive to prevent re-occurrence

The Training Course on Root Cause Analysis will address establishing an investigation team, capturing evidence, establishing facts, analysing the event, developing actions and communicating the results of the investigation.

Please circulate this invitation email to colleagues within your respective organisations as well as to non-members, suppliers, customers, regulators or authorities. If you require a specific invitation for authorities, please contact me or the EIGA office.
For details, full programmes and access to online registration, please visit our dedicated ‘EIGA Winter Session 2020' webpage and the following Practical Information including all details for Registration.

 17 October 2019


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