HSE Safety Alert - Catastrophic rupture of dead-leg pipe-work

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have published a Safety Alert which highlights the increased risks of primary containment loss associated with dead-legs that may be present on process pipe-work.

Dead-legs are lines containing process fluids under stagnant, no or low flow conditions.

Pipe-work dead-legs have long been considered as an elevated risk; corrosion can be aggressive, leading to accelerated thinning of the pipe wall, and they often receive less attention than line pipe.

A recent incident of localised corrosion in a dead-leg resulted in catastrophic full-bore failure of the line and a large loss of containment of extremely flammable material.

This safety alert highlights the risk of corrosion in dead-legs and, where they cannot be eliminated, reminds operators of the guidance on how to inspect these areas to avoid loss of containment.


19 September 2019


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