BCGA publishes Codes of Practice 39

Codes of Practice 39 - In-service requirements of pressure equipment (gas storage and gas distribution systems). Revision 1: 2016

Published 3rd March 2016

Pressure systems require regular examination and maintenance to ensure the continuing integrity of the equipment and the safety of personnel. This code covers the principles and a risk-based methodology to meet these requirements. It provides guidance on Written Schemes of Examination, Ageing Pressure Equipment Assessments and Revalidation of pressure vessels.

BCGA also provide a template for use with CP39 when conducting an Ageing Pressure Equipment Assessment (refer to Section 4.1.). This is an Excel Spreadsheet which can be downloaded and modified.

Revision 1 has made the following BCGA documents obsolete and they have been withdrawn from the website.

• CP 23, Application of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 to Industrial and Medical Pressure Systems Installed at User Premises.
• CP 24, Application of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 to Operational Process Plant.
• CP 25, Revalidation of Cryogenic Static Storage Tanks.
• CP 39, Module 1, In-service requirements of cryogenic storage system at user premises.

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