EIGA publishes a revision to Document 176, Nitrous Oxide

EIGA has issued this revised Globally Harmonised Document prepared under the supervision of the International Harmonisation Council.

A revision of EIGA Document 176/13.

This publication considers the safety aspects of the design, engineering, construction, and operation of nitrous oxide storage, and supply installations used in the industrial and medical gases industry.

This subject was previously covered in EIGA Document 116, Code of Practice - Nitrous Oxide. Document 116 was withdrawn in 2013 and split into two parts, with production covered by this publication and storage and handling of nitrous oxide covered by EIGA Document 175, Safe Practices for Storage and Handling of Nitrous Oxide.

This edition has been revised from the 2013 edition to include additional requirements for large pressure vessels and security. The opportunity has also been taken to align the publication with the IHC style manual.

The publication is intended for those who are involved in any aspects relating to the design, engineering, construction, and operation of nitrous oxide storage and supply installations that may be used in either industrial or medical applications.

The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations. This publication can be viewed or downloaded on the EIGA Website by clicking here. You can view or download many other EIGA publications at the following address: www.eiga.eu.


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