PRESS RELEASE: Trade body addresses safety, security and the environment at gas industry event

Safety, security and the environment take centre stage at the British Compressed Gases Association's (BCGA) 2019 annual conference, which takes place at The Marriott Hotel & Country Club in Worsley Park, Manchester, on Thursday, April 11.

In keeping with the trade association's focus on ‘Mission Safety,' a number of presentations will offer the latest thinking on the subject.
These include insight into key factors in medical incidents, an overview of dangerous goods and how the latest wearable technology can improve workplace safety.

Environmental topics also feature strongly, including an understanding of how gas can help to decarbonise transport and an overview of the carbon and energy reporting landscape in Brexit times.
Moving to big scale thinking, Rob Cockerill, Global Managing Editor for Gas World, will explore the megatrends and markets that will shape the industrial gases businesses of today and tomorrow, while - on a more personal level - tactics to enhance personal resilience and well-being, as well as tips to protect homes as they increasingly adopt smart technologies, are also covered.

The event concludes with a story of personal endeavour, in the keynote speaker's address.
Claire Lomas MBE, who became a paraplegic as a result of a riding accident in 2017, made world headlines in 2012 when she completed the London Marathon in a pioneering robotic suit.
At the BCGA event she'll tell the audience how a positive attitude and approach turned her life around after the accident.

Doug Thornton, Chief Executive of BCGA, said: "We are delighted with the variety and thought-provoking content on the agenda of the 2019 conference .
"It's interesting and varied and offers something for all.
"Attending the event allows delegates, whether BCGA members or non-members, the opportunity to network with like-minded people.
"The conference has gone from strength-to strength over the years, attracting a full house and providing an important date in the industry's calendar."

More details about the BCGA 2019 Conference can be found HERE which includes more information about the event, the speakers and booking information. 

The link also sets out the early bird discount rate, which applies until January 31 on bookings.


Notes To Editors - About BCGA

The ‘invisible industry' underpinning a safe, successful and healthy nation - industrial and medical gases are essential to the existence and well-being of thousands of people in the UK every day.
Industrial gases perform a wide-ranging role, supporting the manufacture of information technology, as well as key UK industrial sectors including steelmaking, refining, welding, chemical processing and electronics. They also help keep homes warm, water clean and food nutritious, appealing and affordable - while medical gases play a critical role in applications including respiratory care, pain therapies and anaesthesia.

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) is the UK membership body for this critical industry. With a commitment to stringent quality, safety and environmental measures, BCGA members employ 19,000 people directly and account for an annual turnover of £2.7 billion.
Members of BCGA operate in a highly-regulated industry and work together on technical, safety, health and environmental issues to achieve high standards of integrity and environmental care, both within their own and customers' working environments.

BCGA promotes safety practice through its publications and also participates in the preparation and revision of National, European and International Standards.

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