PRESS RELEASE: BCGA membership reaches landmark figure

The national trade association has welcomed its 100th corporate member into the organisation.
Over the last 12 years membership has grown by 72 per cent, growing from 58 companies in 2006 - when the current BCGA chief executive Doug Thornton joined the association - to this latest figure.
In recent years, the BCGA has been actively communicating the vital role compressed gases play in the UK economy, raising awareness of how the ‘invisible industry' underpins a safe, successful and healthy nation.

The annual conference has also gone from strength-to-strength, and BCGA continues to actively promote safety practice through its publications and participates in the preparation and revision of National, European and International Standards.

Doug Thornton said: "We are delighted to welcome our 100th member.
"The figure highlights the sustained, ongoing growth of the BCGA in recent years, and reflects the significance of the association in providing a valued membership organisation for the compressed gases sector."

With a commitment to stringent quality, safety and environmental measures, BCGA members employ 19,000 people directly and account for an annual turnover of approximately £2.7 billion.
Members of BCGA operate in a highly-regulated industry and work together on technical, safety, health and environmental issues to achieve high standards of integrity and environmental care, both within their own and customers' working environments.

Mr Tim Hulbert, BCGA President added: "The association truly represents the compressed gases sector, bringing together the full supply chain and a wide range of companies that enable our industry to safely provide the expertise and services that the UK depends on.

"BCGA's continued growth is testimony to the important role it plays in our industry."


The ‘invisible industry' underpinning a safe, successful and healthy nation - industrial and medical gases are essential to the existence and wellbeing of thousands of people in the UK every day.
Industrial gases perform a wide-ranging role, supporting the manufacture of information technology, as well as key UK industrial sectors including steelmaking, refining, welding, chemical processing and electronics. They also help keep homes warm, water clean and food nutritious, appealing and affordable - while medical gases play a critical role in applications including respiratory care, pain therapies and anaesthesia.

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) is the UK membership body for this critical industry.

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