EIGA Document 169/16 - Classification, and Labelling Guide in accordance with EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP Regulation).

EIGA Doc 169 known as the ‘Classification and Labelling Guide' is updated annually in order to take into account the changes in the CLP Regulation and the changes in the classification of gases due to the REACH registration of substances that have occurred during the preceding 12 months.

In addition to several changes of classification and labelling data identified in the registration or in the notification dossiers of substances or due to the 8th Adaptation to Technical Progress (ATP) of the CLP, the 2016 revision includes clarifications on several issues that were identified in the 2015 edition. For instance, the classification rules for compressed gases packaged in aerosol cans or the labelling of transport equipment used as temporary storage.

All the amendments to the 2015 edition are listed after the table of content and are highlighted yellow in the document.  

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30 Sept 2016

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