BCGA puts Gas Cylinder Testing on the radar

National trade body The British Compressed Gases Association is urging gas users to take advantage of a free service to comply with gas cylinder safety legislation.

It is a legal requirement for all gas cylinders which are used for the transport of gases by road to be inspected and retested within a defined timescale.

To help organisations and users to comply with this requirement, the trade association offers an online guide which explains the ‘test ring' system of identifying the year a particular cylinder needs to undergo its next Periodic Inspection and Test.

Available to view at  the guide shows how cylinders carry test rings, which are based on a variety of colours and shapes to precisely identify the year they should be inspected and tested.

The guide is also available as a free flexi card, which can be ordered from the BCGA office by emailing

Doug Thornton, Chief Executive of the BCGA, said: "Industrial and medical gases are the UK's invisible industry, essential to the existence and wellbeing of thousands of people in the UK every day.
"Our role as a trade association is to ensure ‘mission safety' in their transportation, storage and use.
"It is vital gas cylinders are made to appropriate standards and are then regularly maintained to ensure the safety of those who transport, fill and use them.

"The test ring system is an important part of this activity and BCGA strongly encourages its use.
"Only organisations authorised to carry out the Periodic Inspection and Test procedure are authorised to fit the test rings.
"We'd encourage those with responsibility for the use of gas and its storage on their sites to refer to this guide to familiarise themselves with the system."
According to the BCGA, there are times where a cylinder should receive immediate attention regardless of the due date of its Periodic Inspection and Test.
Mr Thornton added: "If users identify excessive damage to the test rings, such as a split ring, or signs of excessive heat/melting, they should return the cylinder as soon as possible back to the gas supplier on safety grounds."


Note to Editors

The ‘invisible industry' underpinning a safe, successful and healthy nation - industrial and medical gases are essential to the existence and wellbeing of thousands of people in the UK every day.

Industrial gases perform a wide-ranging role, supporting the manufacture of information technology, as well as key UK industrial sectors including steelmaking, refining, welding, chemical processing and electronics. They also help keep homes warm, water clean and food nutritious, appealing and affordable - while medical gases play a critical role in applications including respiratory care, pain therapies and anaesthesia.

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) is the UK membership body for this critical industry. With a commitment to stringent quality, safety and environmental measures, BCGA members employ 19,000 people directly and account for an annual turnover of £2.7 billion.

Members of BCGA operate in a highly-regulated industry and work together on technical, safety, health and environmental issues to achieve high standards of integrity and environmental care, both within their own and customers' working environments.

BCGA promotes safety practice through its publications and also participates in the preparation and revision of National, European and International Standards.

23 August 2016

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