Guidance Notes (GN)


Guidance for BCGA training providers. Revision 1: 2014

The aim of this document is to provide guidance to Training Providers who are members or associate members of the BCGA on the provision of training services related to the safe use of compressed and cryogenic gases and associated equipment.

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Environmental guidelines for air separation plant and equipment on sites regulated under IPPC. Revision 2: 2016

This document provides guidance for BCGA members to assist their customers with compliance on the EC Directive on Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control. The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations and the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations implement the Directive in the UK.

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Identifying gas safety training requirements in the workplace. 2012

This Guidance Note provides information on the topics which should be covered when considering compressed gases safety training. It is primarily aimed at management and supervisors of personnel who either handle, store, use or transport compressed gas cylinders and cryogenic gases in the workplace.

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GN24 - Members Only

The distribution, handling and cleaning of gas containers in a biosecurity environment.

This document covers the supply and collection of gas containers, from gas cylinders to bulk tankers, to sites under the control of UK Government Authorities when they are involved in a biosecurity incident.

This document is only available to BCGA Members in the members area of the website.

GN 25

Guidance on assessing the competency of personnel undertaking periodic inspection and testing of gas cylinders

Provides guidance on assessing the competency of personnel who are required to undertake periodic inspection and testing of gas cylinders. It explains the regulatory background and then provides extensive information on conducting an appropriate assessment.

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Medical gas cylinders. Selection and maintenance of seals used on high pressure cylinders. 2013

Provides information on best practice for users of medical gas cylinders when they are connecting approved medical equipment to gas cylinders. It provides advice on non-pressure regulated cylinder valves, the selection of a suitable seal and the correct procedure for the preparation of connections prior to fitting them to a cylinder.

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Guidance for the carriage of gas cylinders on vehicles. Revision 1: 2015

Provides guidance on safely transporting gas cylinders in order to comply with ADR and provides a method for calculating the threshold quantity for any gas cylinders being carried.

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Guidance for packaging waste within the industrial gases industry. Revision 1: 2015

The UK has implemented the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations and the Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations (as amended).  This Guidance Note provides advice on the obligations necessary when procuring refillable steel gas cylinders for companies to comply with these Regulations.

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The safe use of gases in the beverage dispense industry. 2014

Provides guidance to those who need to handle, use and store beverage gases. Addresses safety and operational issues associated with beverage gases, their use in cellars and beverage dispense pressure systems. The document covers cylinder identification, handling, use, corrosion prevention and product quality.

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GN 32

Medical Gases. Good Distribution Practice

Medical products require effective management control during their distribution to ensure quality and integrity are maintained.

This document provides guidance on good distribution practice as required by the medical regulators

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